September 07, 2015


Peace of Mind When Your Screen is in Pieces

When your device is shattered, you may feel like your confidence is in pieces as well. Your smartphone or tablet is extremely important, yet one wrong move can leave the screen virtually unusable and you without your most important source of information. Fortunately, there's a repair option that will give you the peace of mind you so desperately need at this time. Clear Screen Fix will put your device back together in no time with guaranteed services you can count on.

  1. All Repairs are Guaranteed

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Your smartphone or tablet holds a wealth of information about your everyday life. It's an essential tool for your personal communication and organization, packed with details that help you get through the day. It's not easy to hand such an important device over to someone else, especially when you're shipping a package instead of relinquishing your device in person. Clear Screen Fix understands that you may be feeling a bit of separation anxiety, which is why your repairs are guaranteed.

With Clear Screen Fix's guaranteed repairs, work is completed in a secure environment where your device cannot be connected to a computer, and safeguards are always in place to make sure there is no improper downloading or deletion of data. If your technicians discover a problem that goes beyond the cracked screen, they will contact you immediately and offer the option of continuing with the screen repair or cancelling the job.

  1. All Shipments are Insured

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There's no need to worry about shipping your device when you work with Clear Screen Fix. You enjoy the peace of mind that comes from full insurance on your device during shipping. Clear Screen Fix even provides you with the proper shipping materials. This means you don't need to make an extra trip to the store looking for padded envelopes, and you never have to second guess yourself about whether you chose the right supplies.

Simply package your device in the provided shipping materials and send it off to Clear Screen Fix for a fast and efficient repair. Your shipment is insured for the entire cost of replacement. Should something happen to your device en route, Clear Screen Fix will provide you with a brand new one. Rest easy knowing that your smartphone or tablet is in safe hands.

  1. All Orders are Shipped Through FedEx

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Clear Screen Fix only works with one shipping company – FedEx. You'll enjoy peace of mind from working with a clear leader in the shipping industry. You'll recognize the professional that shows up to take your device, and you'll know that it's in good hands from the moment it leaves until the time your package returns to you in pristine condition. FedEx and Clear Screen Fix both enjoy stellar reputations that will give you supreme confidence in your choice.

Clear Screen Fix was vetted as a Gold Member service provider by and has amassed a collection of satisfied reviews from users. You can choose from three shipping options to get your smartphone or tablet back right when you need it. The standard repair option includes prepaid FedEx 2nd day air pickup and delivery. You can also select overnight shipping or same day service if you don't have the time to spare and need your device as soon as possible.

Clear Screen Fix offers superior customer service that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. With this stellar service, you can get your device fixed quickly, efficiently, and safely. Guaranteed repairs, insured shipments, and FedEx services give you a repair experience that goes above and beyond. Your device is safe during every step of the process so you can have it back in your hands quickly.


September 01, 2015


Going the Extra Mile So You Don’t Have To

There's nothing better than working with a company with top-notch customer service that makes even an unfortunate repair feel like a pleasure. Life happens, but all too often when we need to go to a service provider like a dentist’s office or auto body shop, we are made to feel guilty and ashamed – on top of the fact that we have to pay for it too! Not so with exceptional accident repair services, offering unparalleled customer service and taking all of the stress and inconvenience out of smartphone and tablet repairs.

There's always a moment of dread when you realize the sleek screen on your device is shattered. Once you've experienced the services available from a customer-focused company, however, you'll know how to handle the problem with minimal stress. In just a few clicks, you should be able to arrange everything you need for a fast and affordable repair, including packaging, pickup and delivery. To initiate and complete your online repair without leaving your home or office is the way of the future.

  1. Package Your Device Without Leaving the House

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With the simple, streamlined services available from new online service providers, you can get your device ready to go without setting foot outside the house. When you're already dealing with the frustration of a damaged smartphone or tablet, the last thing you want to do is add another cumbersome errand to your schedule. When you set up your repair services with top tier service providers, you should have the option of requesting a shipping package as part of your order.

When you add the shipping package to your order, all you should have to do is sit back and wait for your supplies to arrive. Forget about fretting over which envelope will work best or where you'll find the right size box. Excellence in online repair service means a company will send you exactly what you need for your specified product. Shipping costs should also be included with your order. Just printing your shipping label, affixing it to the packaging provided, and sending it on its way is a best-practice industry standard. A process that is so simple and smart usually goes hand-in-hand with a company also being a member of a leading online service provider community like Thumbtack, which offers vetted comparisons of experienced repair professionals.

Adding the appropriate packaging to your order is the simplest way to handle shipping for your cracked device. This option should also be available with your desired shipping method, whether your choice is overnight service or standard FedEx 2nd Day Air, which gets your device back to you in just a few days.

  1. Ship Your Device Without Leaving the House

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Your busy schedule doesn't include a block of time for running your device to the post office or another shipping facility, and why should it? Leading online repair companies can take care of the pickup for you, so you don't have to alter your day's plans at all. Schedule the pickup wherever it's most convenient, whether you want to ship it out from home or have FedEx stop by your office.

Convenience should also be paired with a plethora of shipping options. More affordable choices should be available without having to sacrifice too much expediency with transit times capped at around two days. An overnight package should include a prepaid FedEx Overnight pickup and delivery at your location of choice. If these choices are just too slow, a same day repair can include a prepaid courier or technician who will show up at your location to take your device, returning again that same day with repairs completed. This type of same-day service may still be limited but is still rapidly scaling up for growth.

You should not have to waste precious time and expensive gas running around town trying to find the right shipping center. With best-in-class online repair services, you can take care of everything you need to do right from the comfort of home or convenience of your office.

A cracked screen can make your device difficult, if not impossible, to use properly. You need to take care of repairs as quickly as possible. The good news is that you don't wait until you have time to get special packaging and a make a trip to a shipping facility. Settle in with your computer, and you can make all the necessary arrangements to have your device repaired in no time. No need to be fumbling with your damaged device and when you can get the packaging, shipping, and service you need right now.

About Clear Screen Fix

Clear Screen Fix is an online service specializing exclusively in tablet and smart phone screen repairs. The mission of Clear Screen Fix is to provide the highest quality of repairs, while eliminating the need to locate a reliable local shop and keeping to a minimum the inconvenience of being without your device. Clear Screen Fix also enjoys a Gold Member service profile from Thumbtack.


September 01, 2015


Breakthrough Service That Stands Above the Rest

If you've ever cracked the screen on your phone or tablet, you know the immediate feeling of frustration and dread that follows. You don't have time to scour the city for a reliable repair shop, but working with a damaged screen is cumbersome and annoying. Being able to initiate and complete a repair online offers a fast and simple solution to this all-too-common problem while being able to get quick screen repair services in as little as a day. Choosing any repair solution should suit your timeline, with no worries about added shipping costs, since everything should be included. Fast and efficient service is the perfect fit for your busy lifestyle and should be as easy as answering two simple questions.

  1. How Quick Do You Need It Fixed?

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    Your smartphone and tablet are important devices that help you manage every aspect of your life. A cracked or damaged screen is inconvenient at best and disastrous at worst. You don't always have the time and leisure to locate reliable repair services in your area, check their availability, and take your device in for a fix. That's why new types of fast, convenient, and efficient online services are becoming so popular. Knowing that these service providers are actively working with a trusted resource like Thumbtack (which assists consumers with hiring vetted professionals) is just as important. What Thumbtack is doing for ordering repair services online is similar to what Amazon did for ordering products online when it was a startup back in the 90’s. Repair companies that enjoy a Gold Member service profile from Thumbtack have also undergone background checks. This fast-growing Silicon Valley company has already raised $100 million from Google Capital.

    Flexible service packages that suit your schedule typically are categorized within the realm of luxury offerings. Company executives and other professionals who regularly use same day couriers and FedEx Overnight pickup and delivery are keenly aware of the value added, paying a premium for expediency and importance. In the past, opting for low-cost service options meant sacrificing quality and waiting extended periods of time. The breakthrough comes in getting the best of both worlds, with same day and overnight repair options starting at $139 and $129 respectively. Even if you're not in a hurry, you can have your device fixed in just a few days. Surprisingly, discounted repair options (not far off the premium mark) can be had for only $99, featuring FedEx 2nd Day Air service.

    1. What's Your Device?

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      Many different devices can be repaired, ranging from Apple iPhone 5s and iPad 3 to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch or 10.1-inch models. Samsung tablets with cellular data connections and increased storage originally cost much more than the entry level tablets, making them worthwhile to fix a cracked screen. Prices vary slightly depending on your device. When you select your device, it's important to choose the correct generation and size. You will select the color of your device as well.

      There are two types of screen repairs that online repair providers can handle. If your screen is cracked, you need to have the glass fixed. If there are small dots stuck on the screen, you need an LCD repair as well. Examine your device carefully, and make sure you select the proper service option. If your screen looks fine beyond the cracked glass, it's unlikely that you need to add LCD repair to your order.

      This type of common damage typically occurs without causing extensive harm to the device. If the technician discovers a more serious problem during your repair, they will contact you and offer the option to continue with the screen repair only. Devices with other problems such as difficulty charging the device, freezing during operation, or water damage should not be sent in for these online services.

      Web-based phone and tablet repair companies should make the repair process for cracked screens as simple as possible. Simply choose your package, select your device, and you're done! You should also be able to have the company send you a shipping package first, so you don't have to go on a separate errand to find the right envelope. With fast printable shipping labels, home or office pick-up, and delivery right when you need it, a top-rate online repair service should have all the features you need to make your unsightly cracked screen a thing of the past. You can go online today to arrange a repair so you don't have to hassle with a damaged screen.

      About Clear Screen Fix

      Clear Screen Fix is an online service specializing exclusively in tablet and smart phone screen repairs. The mission of Clear Screen Fix is to provide the highest quality of repairs, while eliminating the need to locate a reliable local shop and keeping to a minimum the inconvenience of being without your device. Clear Screen Fix also enjoys a Gold Member service profile from Thumbtack.