About Us

Our Company

Clear Screen Fix is a web-based service, focused on streamlining smart device display replacement for tablets and smart phones. We started our company to provide the highest quality of repairs, while eliminating the need to locate a reliable local shop and keeping to a minimum the inconvenience of being without your device. 

Our 3 Signature Service Offerings

We are always looking for ways to offer the best delivery options and make repairs more easy and convenient:

  1. "I Needed it Two Minutes Ago"       Fix Your Phone or Tablet Screen Today.
  2. "I Need it Tomorrow"                       Fix Your Phone or Tablet Screen Overnight.
  3. "I'm Cool, I Can Wait a Few"           Fix Your Phone or Tablet Screen in a Few Short Days.

Our 3 Easy Steps

  1. Place Your Order.
  2. Prepaid Shipping.
  3. Fixed & Ready to Rock!

Our People

We are a team of dedicated, passionate individuals bringing together the best professionals with an extensive core background in electrical engineering and hands-on repair of tablets and smart phones. We have a start-up-minded work culture, focused on treating employees and customers well.