Q: What should I expect after I place my order (using your own packaging)?
A: You will receive an e-mail with a prepaid shipping label. Print and affix it to your safe shipping package. Bring the shipping package to your nearest authorized FedEx drop-off. A few points on the shipping package:

  • FedEx Office and other retail drop-off locations usually offer free FedEx-branded shipping supplies. We recommend using a “FedEx Padded Pak” or other similar envelope with padded interior. If you receive a prepaid “FedEx Ground” shipping label from us, free FedEx shipping envelopes cannot be used.
  • Even with the use of padded envelopes, it may be necessary to include additional bubble wrap or similar cushioning material to ensure a safe shipment. We are not responsible for damaged shipments to us resulting from insufficient or improper packaging. We do, however, cover instances of damage that may have occurred in spite of proper packaging.

Q: Why don't you offer other repair services?
A: Much the same way a windshield repair company specializes in only repairing glass, our main focus is replacing glass screens.

Q: What if something else is broken?
A: We will contact you immediately and give you the option of proceeding with only the glass replacement. 

Q: Does the price include all costs of the service?
A: Yes, shipping to & from is included in the price.

Q:Can I specify a shipping location different from the location where I originally sent the device from?
A: Yes, simply enter the second shipping location in the "Notes" section during your online purchase.

Q: Does the price include all costs of the service?
A: Yes, shipping to & from is included in the price. 

Q: Is the device insured during shipping transit and repair?
A: Yes, we cover the replacement value of your device if it is lost or damaged in shipment in spite of sufficient and proper packaging.

Q: Is the data on my device secure?
A: Yes, your data security takes high importance with us. In addtion to having a staff of vetted and trusted professionals, we maintain repair areas that are completely secure, with no abilities to connect portable devices to computers. Safeguards are in place to eliminate the possibility of improper downloading, distribution or deletion of data from your device. 

Q: I'm worried my device may be damaged beyond repair: should I at least get my screen replaced?
A: There are likely other issues going on with the device. We recommend consulting with another repair service for the following concerns:

    • Attempting to charge the device and turn it on, with nothing happening.
    • The device is completely unresponsive and constantly freezing up, even after several attempts to re-boot.
    • The device was definitely in contact with water and moisture, if not a water-resistant model.